PHOTOCHROM GUIDE TO : American Indians. c. 1890.

D E T A I L : Baigneurs (bathers), Blankenberghe, Belgium.

Invented 140 years ago in 1880s Zurich, Photochrom, a.k.a. Fotochrom, Photochrome or Aäc process, is an old school process for colourizing black-and-white negatives via the direct photographic transfer of a negative onto lithographic printing plates. The process is a photographic variant of chromolithography (color lithography).

Creatively choosing colour & then using a mechanical process to apply that colour to a black & white photo rather than doing it by hand.

Colouring-in a monotone world.

The printer is the Detroit Publishing Co. of Michigan, Foriegn Section.

Ojibwas. Equai and Papoose. c.1903
Navaho Woman Weaving a Blanket. c.1902
Obtossaway, Chief of the Ojibwas. c.1903
A Moki Indian Potter, c.1899

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