Augustus Jansson’s Adverts for Queen City Ink.

Augustus Jansson, an illustrator of greeting cards and advertisements, was born to Swedish parents in Somerville, Massachusetts in the year 1866. By 1903, Jansson had established a reputation through his original and superior designed poster work. He was also an expert postcard artist, table designer, cartoonist and an author of illustrated books for children.

During the same year, Augustus began a seven-year working period for Queen City Publishing. He produced many full-page layouts, including the renowned Ink Beasts Parade, with its orange-yellow Ibexiatucus and Magenta Ponies. He also produced a series of doll-like figures for Queen City. The ads produced in Queen City were striking and often considered ahead of their time, with a distinct art deco feel.
His unusual style resembles playing cards figures. He also used this style in his series of stories on the American Revolution, which appeared in The Sunday Herald around 1904.

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